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About Me

Who am I?

Nashauna Manboard is a licensed educator, entreprenuer, author, pastor, mentor, coach, wife and a mother. Nashauna has humbly accepted the call of God upon her life as a pastor four years after graduating from achieving her ministerial studies. As a certified life coach, she empowers and equips both men and women on how to get in position so that they can prosper in their purpose by providing various coaching programs to help God’s people become fully equipped personally, professionally or prophetically.

Get the Clarity, Strategy and Accountability you need to prosper in your purpose.

  I help men and women get clarity on their purpose, visions and goals so that you can increase and prosper in your purpose. In order to  walk in your alignment of your purpose, your visions and goals must be clear on what you are doing, why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.

Who is this Coaching Academy for?

My Coaching programs are designed for men and women who are called to be in a leadership position or in business but are unsure of the necessary steps to take in order to achieve success and wealth. I mentor and coach those who are lacking in confidence  to manifest what God has place in their heart into their hands so that they can increase and be profitable.

What you will get?

Once a month depending on what you have signed up for, you will have a teaching delivered by myself via a private online group or through audio. Topics are designed to support and to guide you in your personal life, business, spiritually walk with God, health and your finances.  There is also a private online community to hold you accountable and to keep you being inspired and motivated.  It is important to surround yourself with others who are heading the same direction as you and are able to elevate you along your journey of success.

Services Offered

Suddenly, There was an Overflow "Winning With Your Faith"

I’m still in awe at what God has done! My book Suddenly, There was an Overflow is changing and eqipping the lives of people. Your reviews and feedback has been overwhelming. I am so honoured to shared this journey with you all.

This book serves as a testament that whatever life throws at you, you can win with your FAITH. In my book, you will get proven strategies while gaining introspection of how to truly manifest the trajectory of your lives.

When you order this book, you will receive a signed copy and my FREE BONUS COURSE of 7 Biblical Principles on how to Shift the Trajectory of your life in order to experience the OVERFLOW. You will receive this course immediately when you purchase my book.



MONEY MATTERS! "Kingdom Principles"

Are you a Creator, Preacher, Teacher, Leader or an Entreprenuer, then this conference is for you.

God gave me a Methodology of the Multiplicity of Money so that I can be profitable in my purpose in order to build a generational wealth.

“Kingdom Principles” Being BROKE isn’t Biblical, It is a Spiritual attack on your finance. My people perish because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

Partner with me on Saturday August 10, as I teach you this strategy that will empower, equip and educate you on how to profit and prosper in your purpose so that you  build a generation wealth.

When you signed up, you will receive your Money Matters, Kingdom Principles for Profitability Work Book 48 hours prior to the conference. Your zoom log in details will also be sent out along with your Work Book.


Welcome To The Confident Woman Club!!

This isn’t just a mentorship…
This is a MENTORSHIP that will prepare you for what God is about to pour out into you for your NEXT season. Now is the time to SHIFT into your GREATNESS!
With a passion to mentor and lead women into their GREATNESS,
I realised that many females are not confident in their role whether this be work life, marriage or relationship or managing their businesses, parenthood or even to step out of the norm so that they can be great. Whatever category you find yourself in, I am here to assist you in your greatness.
Now, it is imperative that I be totally honest with you. If you are not prepared to do the work, then this might not be the class for you, If you are truly READY to step into this greatness that God has called you to, then absolutely this is a sure fit for you.
Once you register for The Confident Woman Club, you will automatically be added to the Confident  Woman Club email list. Each week, you will receive an email for your devotion for the week. This can also be accompanied with a song.
Every Monday, classes will be delivered to you at 8pm BST. Don’t worry if you ever have to miss a session, you will be given the opportunity to catch up with a link for you to watch.
There will be assignments that will allow you to step out of your comfort zone. (Remember that GREAT things cannot come from a comfort zone) I will be there to walk you through your assignment. You will be called upon when I see that you are ready to come join me on my new podcast, The Confident Woman Podcast Show.
 Be fully surrounded with like-minded women who are ready to build and to step into all the abundance that is out there waiting for you. You will be able to offer advice, support and encouragement as you journey together on this path to become The Confident Woman
Journey and pray with me as I submit to this assignment from God, to lead his daughters into their GREATNESS!
And who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this and for this very purpose. (Esther 4:14 AMP)


  • Do you feel STUCK in a RUT?

    There comes a moment in your life when you know deep down in your soul that you need a change.

    You know that you need a SHIFT.
    You sense that you are in a place of STAGNATION.
    And you are searching for something that is going to ignite your purpose again and bring you new momentum that will fire you up.
    I’ve created just for you a SOLUTION, so that you no longer feel STUCK in a RUT.

    Here’s The Overflow Challenge Course which includes 7 Biblical Principles of how to Shift the Trajectory over your life in order to experience The Overflow.
    IT’S ALSO FREE  when you purchase my book. Suddenly, There was an Overflow “Winning With Your Faith”

    If you’re tired of not being able to go forward in your purpose and are tired of being in a place of lack which causes stagnation.
    It’s time to break the cycle and step into an abundant, fulfilling, purpose-filled life!
    Let me walk with you on this journey.

1-1 Clarity Breakthrough Session (1 hour)

You lack execution because you need CLARITY.

Here’s why…

  • You’ve got it in your head but you can’t quite figure it out on how to move forward.
  • You’re fearful just incase it doesn’t work out.
  • You’ve some how haven’t managed to put a Strategic Plan in place on how to be profitable.
  • You’re struggling to hold it together because you are feeling overwhelmed.

Does this sounds like you?

I do a 1-1 Clarity Session (1 hour) where we meet virtual or face to face. I sit with you listen, give you a different point of view after which I will give you a Strategic Plan in which will cause you to accelerate into your NEXT.

If you need clarity on how to accelerate into your next, do not proscrastinate because your time is NOW. Use the link below to book your session.



I was previously a very outgoing, friendly, happy and confident woman. But after a series of unfortunate circumstances had chipped away at my confidence and self esteem, I was in a dark place I’d never been before.

Because of this, I was so afraid of what people thought about me and what they might say, that I chose to hide away and stay in the background to avoid any interaction or confrontation.

I felt distant from God. I believed He was angry or disappointed in me, just like the others were. I felt alone.


The truth was, I wasn’t being honest with God about how I felt. I was becoming used to being on my own and began to feel anxious whenever I had to be in amongst people.”

Then one night God spoke to me, whilst watching one of Nashauna’s Instagram teachings, and said “ You need to sign up for the coaching academy – No excuses.”

He made a way for me to get on to it immediately.

From the moment I started the course I felt embarrassed to be there and to be needing help. How strange that we can talk ourselves out of healing. After the very first teaching had finished, I knew that I had made the right decision. Nashauna spoke about topics that resonated with where I was at, at that exact moment. She told us how we could overcome fears and how we could improve ourselves. Not only that she explained that it was Gods desire for us to increase. God had designed us to be great!

By the end of the course I was renewed. The WES Coaching Academy specialised in bringing out of me the true person that had been hiding. I was able to create a vision for my future self. I could actually see the businesses I wanted to start and the education I wanted to complete.

I found myself again and I owe a great deal of that to the WES Academy. Without the teachings I would not have looked at myself deeply and changed things. I would not have been bold enough to draw even closer to God with the full knowledge that I am especially loved by Him.

If you’ve ever had a doubting moment, painful past hurts, a lapse in confidence or a time of emptiness like I did, join the academy and see what they and God will do.

Get ready for the highest expression of yourself.
I believe in you!!

Dionne Andrews

Joining WES coaching academy was one decision that I am proud to have made. I had goals, dreams ambitions but was too shy to make the step towards achieving them. Nashauna’s teaching gave me that leap to challenge and believe in myself. Her happy disposition and inspirational teachings empowered many. I have done things that I was too shy to do after the motivational teachings received at WES. Self belief, self worth and and a closer relationship with God are some of the amazing benefits I have have received through WES. I have learnt to appreciate the smallest things in life and now on a path to be the highest expression of myself! I value my self more and have learnt more about God.


Nashauna would call weekly to check on me and encourage me so I can successfully complete my tasks. She would set me challenges and guide me through it and wouldn’t just leave me to struggle with the tasks. I can always call on Nashauna when I am going through a difficult time as she would pray for me and give me the encouragement to believe that God is there always. WES Academy was worth every second of my time and I would recommend anyone who needs that motivation to go for it.


Hi my name is Liana Douglas. I joined the academy with a lack of knowledge, not understanding my real purpose in life. Since then I’ve learnt to love myself even more, adapt to situations in a different way regarding negative energy. I also now know myself worth, not realising who I really was. I’ve had a great experiencing listening to others speak about their lives. I’ve got a better understanding of the process of life. Thank you Nashauna for being yourself. 

Let Go Of Procrastination, So that You Can Prosper In Your Purpose!


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